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Ryan Feely
30th July 2021

Why Work with a Boutique ERP Consultancy Header Image
When working on an ERP project you have a few different options of support. There are the Big 6 consulting firms, a boutique ERP consultancy, or a lone consultant. Each one has advantages and disadvantages, but you will find a boutique consultancy as a good approach to many projects.


Working with a boutique ERP consultancy allows you to benefit from things like lower costs, better communication, the experience of a team, and flexibility. For companies of all sizes this gives you help to deliver an ERP project at a great price to value ratio.


Below we share four reasons of why you should consider working with a boutique ERP consultancy.


Lower Costs Working with a Boutique ERP Consultancy

ERP projects are long and expensive tasks. The more external partners you work with the more this cost increases which lowers your overall ROI. A boutique consultancy will often have very competitive pricing when it comes to day rate and will usually be lower than what a Big 6 would charge.


You also must think about the approach of any company when considering costs. For example, the day rate of two junior resources of a Big 6 may be higher than a senior consultant from a boutique ERP consultancy. You need to decide, do you need more resources or more experience to deliver your project?


Better Communication

Delivering an ERP project successfully requires great communication at all levels. Working with a boutique consultancy gives you access to proven project managers who understand this key part of success.


They become part of your internal team, working on your side rather than operating as a separate 3rd party. This allows them to build rapport with your teams which is needed during the stress of an ERP project.


Team Experience

When working with a boutique ERP consultancy you may only have one consultant on the project, but they are backed by an entire team. The close-knit nature of smaller firms means consultants can help each other with different areas of expertise. You get access to a wider range of experience that helps add value to the project.


Flexibility of Working with a Boutique ERP Consultancy

If you choose to work with a Big 6 consultancy or a lone consultant, you may find they are very rigid in what they will and will not do. This can lead to friction with internal teams and slow the pace of your project down.


The varied and shared experience of a boutique ERP consultancy gives you added flexibility. Your consultant will be willing to roll up their sleeves and get stuck into any problem and are flexible with what area they assist with. This can be a life saver when the project is nearing completion and some extra help is needed to get an area signed off.



We strongly believe that working with a boutique ERP consultancy will give you the best “bang for you buck” with most ERP projects. You get a combination of experience and flexibility at a competitive price to help deliver your project successfully.


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