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Ryan Feely
6th January 2021

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Whether you are choosing your first ERP system or upgrading, you will be faced with a big, and potentially costly, decision. So why hire an ERP consultancy that is going to add to that cost?

To sum it up in one word – safety.

A good ERP consultancy will bring a set of skills and experience that provide safety to your project in several keyways.


5 Reasons to Hire an ERP Consultancy


1. ERP Marketplace Knowledge

Many companies do not have the experience of a wide variety of different ERP systems. You may have somebody with knowledge of the large systems on your team but even they are likely to have only seen it in very specific scenarios. If you hire an ERP consultancy you gain access to knowledge of more systems and how features can apply to what your company needs.


2. Clear Project Methodology

Part of the reason you get safety when you hire an ERP consultancy is because they come armed with a clear project methodology. This allows there to be a logical process for any project that ensures no vital part is left out.


3. Robust Scoring Matrix

Many companies fall into the trap of thinking they know what they need from their new ERP system. They may focus on one or two key functionalities while failing to correctly weigh the benefits of other parts of the system. When the time comes to see vendor demos they then struggle to value the entire package as they only look for their key wants. A robust scoring matrix is there to weigh up all elements of a solution to ensure that you choose the system that best supports your entire business’ needs rather than solely one or two features.


4. Independent Advice

Although this will not apply to all, if you work with an independent ERP consultancy like us, you know that you have access to unbiased advice. You can feel safe in the knowledge that any recommendations are based on your requirements and not because the company is partnered with an ERP vendor.


5. Dedicated Risk Management

When you only use internal teams to deliver a complex ERP project you often have people who are juggling their day job too. This results in tied up resources as well as increased likelihood of missing a key detail that disaster is about to strike. When you hire an ERP consultancy you gain the benefit of having a dedicated project manager who knows how to mitigate and avoid common risks. This safety net can be the difference between a successful project and a disaster.


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