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Ryan Feely
22nd January 2021

ERP projects are no easy task, which is why you should consider hiring an ERP consultancy. But it can be confusing to know what to look for when hiring an ERP consultancy, leaving many people unsure where to begin.

Below we have listed 5 of the most important things to look for when deciding which ERP consultancy to hire.


1. Experience

The biggest thing to look for when hiring an ERP consultancy is their experience in delivering projects successfully. A consultancy with nothing to hide can show a history of projects, break down the role that they played, and show how they would tackle your project.

You should not be afraid to ask tough questions about previous projects they worked on and many will be happy to give you references so you can ask previous clients about the project.


2. Industry Knowledge

While the skillset of an ERP consultancy is transferable and works across industries, there are times where you would want to work with a consultancy who has experience in your industry. Usually this would be in specialised sectors, such as Food & Drink, where complex rules and regulations are at play. Hiring an ERP consultancy with experience in your industry will speed up the project as they already know what these regulations are, as well as common problems that can arise when addressing them.


3. System Knowledge

System knowledge can be a tough area. Should you work with someone who has experienced many different systems or with someone who has exclusive experience with the system you are choosing?

We believe that working with an ERP consultancy who has seen many systems will provide the best return on average. They will have experienced a wider variety of problems and know how to overcome them which can keep a project on track. The wide experience also means they will have seen what best practice looks like for different systems and can bring detailed insight to boost your ROI.


4. Methodology

A key part of a successful ERP project is the methodology being used throughout it. When considering an ERP consultancy, you should look at how they approach the selection process, how they will handle the implementation, and their approach to training.

Look for an ERP consultancy that focuses on people, processes, and systems to ensure you hire a company that has your business interest at heart. This will help you find a system that supports how your business runs, rather than having to adapt to suit the system.


5. Independence

An independent ERP consultancy is one that has no ties to any ERP vendor or system. This means they do not benefit in anyway from recommending a particular system, allowing them to give you a technology agnostic view.

Truly independent ERP consultancies will have your company’s best interests at heart and will only make recommendations based on their experience and what will help solve your problem.


Now you know what to look for when hiring an ERP consultancy, it is time to start considering your options. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can provide all the above points to your ERP project.

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