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Ryan Feely
3rd February 2021

The Value of ERP Consultancy for a Large Business Header Image
Understanding the value of an ERP consultancy for a large business can be more difficult than when looking at SME’s for several reasons. First, a large company will have a high number of employees, so surely, they will have the experience in-house? Second, the business is so large and complex that people external to the company will take too long to understand the processes, so how can they provide value?

These are the two questions we will be covering in today’s article as we look to better understand the value of an ERP consultancy for a large business.


1. Experience Exists In-House

With a large business often comes a large workforce who have varied experience for bringing to an ERP project so the need for an ERP consultancy is surely reduced?

Unfortunately, that “varied” experience is often still very limited in ERP terms and is prone to bias for individuals. People will have different experiences with ERP options and one bad experience could put them off a platform for life. This can be problematic as the right option for your business might be the ERP the project lead does not like!

This potential problem is where the value of an ERP consultancy for a large business shines through. A robust methodology, scoring matrix, and experience across providers and industries means your business will always get the best ERP solution for its needs. Having an unbiased view of solutions allows an ERP consultancy to compare the features of each offering to the objectives of your business and your internal processes. This creates a fair scoring system and keeps the ultimate goal of any ERP system at the centre, to support how your business operates. Too often we see businesses adapting how they work to fit an ERP system which can be avoided with a proper selection process.


2. The Business is too Large & Complex

As a company grows so too does the complexity of how it operates internally. Small teams become large entities that can be spread across the globe and simple processes become a thing of the past. This can make it difficult to believe that an ERP consultancy will be able to get an understanding of the business and offer relevant Improvement opportunities.

Therefore, the scope of any ERP project is important. Understanding this before a project starts is what allows an ERP consultancy to provide value. They have a focus area and can begin learning how that operates within your business. Any outcomes from the exercise will be contained to the areas in scope so you do not have to worry about changing the whole business.


ERP Consultancy for a Large Business

While some people may question the value of an ERP consultancy for a large business the fact is that working with the right partner will deliver a successful ERP project.

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