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Ryan Feely
26th May 2021

The Value of ERP Requirements Gathering Header Image
When starting a new project, it can be easy to rush through and miss the value of ERP requirements gathering. This is especially common when upgrading an ERP system as many companies just want to replicate what they have. Not only can this lead to issues later, but you also miss out on the chance to improve how your company operates.


The value of ERP requirements gathering lies in the ability to get the right system that helps you achieve your business goals. The right system will support your business processes and not force you to change how you work to utilise the ERP. A robust ERP requirements gathering exercise will ensure you can select the right system by knowing exactly what is needed in your business.


In this article we will look at three different ways that ERP requirements gathering delivers real value to your business.


Lowers Costs

By taking the time to do ERP requirements gathering you can save a lot of cost in the long run. This is because you are much more likely to get the right system at the selection stage, saving you the cost of ending up with an incompatible system.


Imagine if you were to just pick the first system you see and implement it into your business. You then realise that some of the functionality you need is missing. Now you need to pay for add-on functionality or for more costly custom modifications. Then you realise the processes within your business must change and you need pay to employ new staff. And even after all that the system still does not do everything you need. But it is too late, and your company spends the next five years using the system with reduced efficiency as teams rely on workarounds.


This is a very common scenario for businesses that leads to years of pain and costs that could have been avoided.


ERP Requirements Gathering Engages Team Members

One of the biggest problems with business change projects is getting team members onboard and supportive of the project. Many will have fears about what the changes mean for their job and will often have negative experiences of other change projects.


The value of ERP requirements gathering here is you can start to engage positively with team members. When you are working with subject matter experts (SMEs) from each department you get the chance to build rapport and have open dialogue. This gives you the chance to alleviate any concerns they have and show their input to project is meaningful.


Saves Your Company Time

It might seem counterintuitive that ERP requirements gathering saves time, but it is true. Spending longer to get detailed requirements helps you spend less time at the selection stage. This is because you can quickly see what solutions might be viable to you and vendor demos can be shortened to highlight how their product fits your needs. You can really test if the system is right for you by giving real examples of what you need based on the requirements you gathered.


You also save time later in the project by knowing any extra functions you need installed before go-live. This allows you to sort it during the implementation rather than realising after go-live that you need to go back and find an add-on module.



If you want to make sure that your get the right ERP system for your company then there is strong reason to make sure you are gathering requirements. Too many companies will try and replicate what they already have, missing out on the potential benefit that system projects can have in boosting business.


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