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Ryan Feely
13th October 2021

The Importance of Packaging in Logistics Header Image
As we have become a more connected world that sends goods across the globe, the importance of packaging in logistics has continued to rise. Products once delivered across the country can now have to endure a trip to the other side of the planet which requires them to have much sturdier packaging.


Having an effective packaging operation in place is key to ensuring your goods arrive with consumers in the same condition as when they left your warehouse. Effective packaging will also help with the storage and transportation of your goods as they move through your supply chain,


Below we have four key points about the importance of packaging in logistics.


Protect Your Goods

Damaged products result in costly returns where you often have to send a replacement, doubling shipping costs. Not only that, but you will also have an unhappy customer who may not want to order with you again, hurting future revenue. If this happens too often then your company’s reputation can be permanently damaged which is very difficult to recover from. That is why it is vital to have durable packaging that acts as a protective barrier to the goods within.


Makes Transportation Easier

Moving products of varying sizes and shapes in an efficient manner is only possible thanks to the use of packaging. Picture trying to send a common small item like cotton buds without appropriate packaging – it would be a disaster! Utilising the right type of packaging is key in logistics to ensure products can be conveniently sent to warehouses, stores, or customers across the world.


Provides Key Information

Packaging is often used to convey information to the end consumer, with product information being the most common. But by utilising markings on packaging like “handle with care” it also plays a key role in the logistics process. These types of markings help identify items that are easily damaged and can help with the correct order to load items for transport, ensuring heavy items are not placed on top of delicate ones.


The key information can also be important when it comes to sending goods overseas. Regulatory requirements vary from country to country so to avoid delays items may need to be packaged in a certain way. Knowing and adhering to these rules is vital in keeping goods flowing and avoiding any potential fines for non-compliance.


Makes Storage Easier

Like the benefits when transporting goods, packaging makes the storage of items much easier. Sometimes there can be a delay from the goods being ready to them leaving the warehouse which results in them having to be stored. Depending on the size of the product and warehouse space this can be a costly headache for companies.


Packaging allows products to be stacked and stored safely and conveniently to help make the best use of your available space. This will even save you money as it reduces the time spent locating products as they can be easily stored together.


Conclusion to the Importance of Packaging in Logistics

From warehouse to the end consumer, the importance of packaging in logistics is clear to see. It allows companies to safely store and transport goods of all shapes and sizes in an efficient way, ensuring it reaches the customer undamaged.

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