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Ryan Feely
18th May 2022

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When it comes to finding the best ERP for food manufacturing there is a dizzying number of options. Do you go for a large, well-known brand that has a high cost attached or do should you go with the more niche options out there? Either option will come with pros and cons so it can be a difficult decision to make.


The truth is the best ERP for food manufacturing depends on the needs of each business. Understanding how your company operates and the processes underpinning everything is what leads you to be able to objectively compare options. By converting how you operate into detailed requirements is the only way to truly answer what the best ERP is for your food manufacturing company.


Below we look at what you should consider when starting to look at the different systems in the market.


Defining the Business Requirements and Scope

The first step in finding the best ERP for food manufacturing is looking internally. You want to create a deep understanding of business processes as well as how users of the ERP system work. Make sure you consider every function of your business and all points of interaction with the system.


Once you have done this, you need to translate the results into People, Process, and System requirements. This takes a particular skillset and breadth of experience that can often be lacking with internal teams. It can be difficult for them to look beyond the “As Is” and define the improved “To Be” that is important in finding the best ERP for food manufacturing.


Review the Market

The next step in finding the best ERP for food manufacturing is reviewing what options exist in the market. A detailed market review should take place to start building a list of potentially viable systems. Starting with a longer list is the best approach as some systems will drop out as things progress.


Once you have completed this you can start to narrow down and generate a list to contact. Detailed research and contacting vendors will reduce your list down to systems that are likely to meet your needs. Talk to team members with experience of the systems you are considering and reach out to vendors to ask for examples of work they have done in your industry.


The Importance of Demos

Seeing demos from vendors is a key step in finding the best ERP for food manufacturing. This is their chance to highlight unique features of their system and give you a sales pitch. Due to the time-consuming nature of demos, it is vital that you are prepared ahead of time and have communicated to the vendor what you want to see.


You want to give specific examples of what you need from the system so that vendors can create a demo that is relevant to your business and challenges. By seeing what solutions can meet your unique needs, you will be able to find the best ERP that will support your business.


Scoring the Systems

The last stage in finding the best ERP for food manufacturing is scoring the systems you have seen. The demos should have shown you real world examples of what each ERP will do as well as highlighted any short comings for your needs. You then need to score each system based on how it performed, what features would be missing, and how many of your required functions does it cover.


Take your time with this process and understand that no system will come across as perfect by the end, The goal is to understand what system is closest to matching your needs and how much customisation would be required for anything missing.


Conclusion to The Best ERP for Food Manufacturing

Finding the best ERP for food manufacturing heavily depends on the needs of each individual business. There are plenty of solutions in the marketplace but if you don’t spend the time understanding your business requirements it will be impossible to separate the good solutions from the poor ones.


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