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Struggling with an existing BI implementation or looking to BI for the first time?

Our BI Consultants can help.

We work across the whole project lifecycle – so whether you need help to define your BI strategy, or to select the right BI solution, or to implement your BI project, we can be your BI partners for change.

Independent & impartial of any software vendor or partner. Our only agenda is to help your business reach its desired ‘To Be’.

In-depth knowledge and understanding of business systems, business data and business processes together with BI solution expertise.

We can provide BI project management and BI solution management to help turn raw data into meaningful business information and deliver the key benefits of business intelligence:

  • Increased revenues
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved operational effectiveness
  • Improved decision making
  • Improved governance
  • Improved business insight

Our BI Consultancy Services centre around 3 key stages:

We can assist at any stage of the BI project lifecycle.

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Business Intelligence Services FAQs

What BI systems do we implement?

ANY! We are a 100% independent and impartial Business Intelligence consultancy. Whether it be Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, or Qlik for example, – our BI consultants have the skills, knowledge and expertise to help you Select, Implement and Optimise. We have worked with a wide variety of BI solutions and so we can apply that breadth and depth of knowledge to get the best BI implementation for your business.

What sort of BI resources do we have?

Our core team competencies ensure we have extensive skill sets covering all aspects of a BI project: functional and technical BI consultancy, project management, change management, business analysis, data migration, testing, training etc. We can provide individual resources to fill specific resource gaps for you, or we can provide a team tailored to your project requirements. Our core team is supplemented by an extensive network of associate consultants meaning we can match specific client requirements to the right expertise.

How much will our BI services cost?

We started Optimum because we were fed up with the all too prevalent consultancy firm approach of high costs and not a lot of end product. Our business is built on delivering value – if we don’t think we can deliver value and return for your investment in our BI consultancy services, we will walk away. Our business is built on our good reputation and so we wouldn’t take the risk.

We will flex and tailor our services to suit your requirements and your budget – so we don’t really have a standard service and a standard price. Click here to Talk to us.

We are here to help.

If you have a project that could do with our expertise and knowledge, get in touch.

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