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Ryan Feely
27th July 2020

Following on from a successful Blueprint exercise that concluded last week, we are delighted that Includem have chosen to engage us again for the next stage of the project – System Selection


The Optimum PPS team are really excited to continue working with the Includem team and helping them in the next phase of their business change journey. The whole team have been brilliant to work with during the Blueprint and that makes all the difference in the success of these types of projects when there is full support, buy-in, and engagement.


Includem works closely with children, young people, and their families, who are facing difficult challenges in their lives. Its trust-based, inclusive model of support is centred on the needs of each individual helping them make positive life choices to transform their lives for the better.


“Transforming the way we operate is vital to continue to offer the young people and families who rely on our support the assistance they need in ways that best suit their lives. We are delighted to be working with Optimum to ensure we deliver this helping even more young people turn their lives around.”

Drew Collier, Head of Strategic Development and Innovation


Having completed their “To Be” across People, Processes, and Systems, Includem now know what they are looking for in a replacement system to really support the organisation and ensure they can provide an improved service while making their day to day tasks easier and more efficient going forward. We will use our robust system evaluation and selection methodology and toolset to ensure the best-fit solution against budget, timeframe, industry technological infrastructure and operational needs.


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