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Ryan Feely
3rd November 2020

We are excited to announce that long term client Zertus has come to us for help with their SAP Concur implementation. The project was already underway, but they needed extra Project Management support to get the momentum and progress required.

This will be the 5th project where Zertus have worked with Cathy of the Optimum PPS team and this experience made their decision to come to us easy. Cathy knows the business and teams within it well, allowing her to hit the ground running for the tight timelines of the project.

Cathy will spend on average a day per week on the project with this time tending to be spread throughout the week as and when necessary. Our role will include:

  • Keeping the project moving by ensuring the right priorities are focused on to deliver a fit for purpose solution
  • Communicating and coordinating with team members and delivery partners
  • Ensuring a robust and manageable plan is in place and executed

This flexible, lighter-touch approach allows Zertus to focus resources on other areas of the project while keeping costs within budget.


“Cathy has very successfully delivered a number of projects for us so it was an easy decision to ask for her to help us when we needed it”

Matthew Davies, IT Director


Zertus owns and operates several UK & Ireland brands, including Kinnerton, Humdinger Foods, and Lir Chocolates. Originating from what was once Europe’s largest sugar refinery, the focus of the Group’s products has mainly been on confectionery and market niches down to the present day. You can find out more about Zertus here.


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