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Ryan Feely
20th January 2021

Waverley Care Announcement Logo
The Optimum PPS team are delighted to announce that we are beginning work with another great Scottish charity, Waverley Care.


After hearing about our work with Circle Scotland, the team at Waverley Care reached out to us to see how our expertise could help them replace their old Carista system, which was no longer meeting the charity’s needs. With our track record in successfully helping charities migrate, it made perfect sense to work together.


We’ll be working with the team at Waverley Care, firstly to identify their specific data requirements, before conducting a comprehensive system selection exercise, using our toolset and methodology to ensure all valid options are considered.


The focus is to identify the solution that best fits the charity’s Care Management Software needs, while delivering best value.


“Every day across Scotland, our Health Improvement teams are working with service users who are living with varying, often complex health and social care needs. We strive to build trusting relationships with service users, taking a person-centred approach to understand and address their health and wellbeing needs together.

Effective data management has a key role to play, helping us to record and monitor the progress that service users make, to identify potential risks to individuals, and to identify broader trends that can help us to improve our services overall.

We’re pleased to be working with Optimum to develop a new system that will help us continue to meet the needs of service users in future.”

Grant Sugden, Chief Executive


About Waverley Care

Waverley Care take a positive approach to HIV, Hepatitis C and Sexual Health. They work closely with communities to start conversations about these issues, encouraging people to access testing and empowering them to make choices that improve their health and wellbeing.


They are also there for people living with HIV or hepatitis C, working with them to understand their needs and offering practical support that helps them to live well.


The charity wants to challenge the stigma associated with HIV, hepatitis C and sexual health, and address the broader inequalities facing the communities that they work with.


Find out more about the work of Waverley Care here.


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