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Ryan Feely
5th March 2021

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We are really pleased to start working with another great charity – Crossroads Caring Scotland, who are a not for profit providing support to carers and their families. We will be kicking off a Blueprint exercise with them in the next couple of months as the first step as they start to explore alternative IT business system options to better support the day to day running of their organisation. They feel that their current solution is not fit for purpose.


“By identifying the correct IT system Crossroads Caring Scotland will be able to continue and enhance the delivery of support/care to the people who use our services. The Crossroads Caring Scotland board has taken the decision to engage with Optimum to ensure a robust and fit for purpose system is identified”

Margaret McCarthy, CEO


The Blueprint will drive out a new and improved ‘To Be’ model across People, Process and Systems for the following areas:

  • Front Line Services : Rota Management and Care Management
  • Back Office Functions: HR, Payroll and Finance

They will then be in a good position to robustly assess potential IT system options that best fit their organisation. We can’t wait to get started working alongside Margaret and her team.


Crossroads Caring Scotland is a charity with over 35 years’ experience of providing support for vulnerable people and their carers. They support people of all ages regardless of their illness or disability. Whether the person being cared for is a loved one living with terminal cancer, an elderly relative with dementia, or a young person living with a disability requiring life-long care, the highly trained and professional staff are well equipped to provide the right support at the right time.

You can find out more about the work of Crossroads Caring Scotland here.


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