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Ryan Feely
24th January 2024

Blackwood homes and care
The Optimum PPS team are delighted to announce that we have kicked off our second brand new project of the year already – with another amazing Scottish social landlord, Blackwood Homes and Care.


Blackwood’s current finance system is legacy and no longer meets the company’s business requirements. Replacing the finance system has become a key priority for the organisation and its goal is to gain real momentum with the project in early 2024.


Blackwood recognised that it needed external resource and expertise to help it carry out a robust Finance System Selection exercise. Given that Optimum PPS are independent business system project experts in the charity sector, with a proven toolset and methodology, Blackwood engaged us to help deliver this key project.


Following a Project Definition Workshop, we will go into a Review phase which will include:

  • Process Review Workshops
  • Touch Points Review Workshops – HR, Payroll, Housing
  • System Requirements Workshops

This will then move into an Analysis phase which will include defining To Be processes. And then finally into the System Selection & Tender stage.


Our approach is to ensure that People, Processes and Systems are considered in shaping the To Be ways of working for finance and therefore the finance system requirements, so that a fit for purpose system is selected that supports the housing provider into the future. Both Optimum PPS and the Blackwood team recognise that it is key to take this opportunity to drive improvements and efficiencies for the department alongside the finance system replacement.


“Blackwood’s digital transformation continues apace. As a company Blackwood is looking to modernise our infrastructure and ensure we can meet the needs of our customers through 2024 and beyond”

Anne Jenkins, Head of Digital Services


Headquartered in Edinburgh, Blackwood Homes and Care was founded in 1972 by Dr Margaret Blackwood MBE, a campaigner for the rights and independence of disabled people. Blackwood delivers its vision of helping people live their lives to the full in the pioneering spirit of Dr Blackwood by providing high-quality, affordable housing, care and support for disabled people of all ages.


With 600 staff, it operates more than 1500 properties across 29 local authorities in Scotland, enabling people with complex needs or age-related conditions to live as independently as possible.


Its investment in innovations aims to develop a modern standard for accessible homes, combining technology, modern construction and engagement with people who live with a disability or age-related condition designing and producing easy-to-use homes to help people to live healthier and happier for longer.


Blackwood Housing and Care has earned a reputation as an industry leader which uses cutting-edge technology to help its customers to live independently.


Find out more about the work of Blackwood Homes here.


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