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8th February 2018

We are again delighted to partner with The Manufacturer for the Connect event on 28 February in Glasgow, which brings together ERP, BI, CRM and FSM or SCM topics and solutions all in a single event.

If you are looking to install or update an ERP, BI, CRM, FSM or SCM system, then attending The Manufacturer Connect will ensure your business can assess and purchase the correct IT system in a cost-effective and time-efficient way. This event has helped hundreds of manufacturers find the right IT system suitable for their next stage of growth.

For Optimum, it is an opportunity to add to our knowledge and understanding of the key priorities for manufacturing companies at the moment in terms of their business systems and to keep abreast of solutions and initiatives across the sector.

We are keen to understand what people think about digital transformation and what it will mean to your business. The world is changing. Digital connectivity is simultaneously bringing the world closer together while highlighting what makes everyone and everything different. Do you remember Blockbuster or Kodak? These companies didn’t embrace digital transformation and were sadly left behind.

Go live, does not mean go home!

Don’t miss the chance to hear from our Managing Director, Lee Ann Healy. She is a keynote speaker and will also be helping run the interactive workshops that will provide you with practical tools for your system implementation and digital transformation. The keynote will focus on – Go live, does not mean go home!

You will learn how to:

  • Avert disaster after go-live
  • Plan, budget and resource for the long haul to ensure your ROI
  • How do you go beyond just getting a new system platform in place, and really drive the benefits into the business
  • Continuous Improvement – applying the manufacturing principles to system projects
  • Keeping People, Processes and Systems aligned as your business evolves

De-risk your IT Investment

Accepting and moving toward digital transformation doesn’t simply mean jumping on every technological bandwagon. Companies need to think about transitioning core business processes and digitalising the client/business process first. They have to think about which applications, platforms, and solutions fit into their culture, daily operations, and budget. This event will help you do this!

The event is structured to provide maximum quality face time with companies and individuals who can support your next stage of development and growth.

  1. Raising awareness and understanding of the software solutions and partners on the market: with the opportunity for 1:1 meetings with a host of solution providers all in one day, supplemented by product demonstration areas to get a feel for the different business systems
  2. Learn, collaborate and knowledge share: through the Optimum workshops where we share our experiences and recommendations for best practice across ERP, BI and CRM / FSM, in interactive sessions which encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing with peers
  3. Hear about what other manufacturing companies are doing and learn from their experiences

Free to attend for all project leaders, The Manufacturer Connect offers unrivalled insight and in-depth knowledge on what the latest IT technology and innovations could do for your business, saving you months of costly and laborious research with the unique Connect event formula.

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