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Ryan Feely
27th May 2022

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When undertaking an ERP project and choosing to work with a 3rd party, you need to know that you will get value for money. With project costs already high, you need to know how an ERP consultancy adds value to see if they are right for you.


Today, we will be looking at three different ways an ERP consultancy adds value to the projects they work on.


1. Knowledge & Experience

The biggest way an ERP consultancy adds value is through the knowledge and experience of the consultant or team they provide. They will have been involved in a large variety of projects, ideally in your industry, and will have seen different systems and what they can do.


By providing a knowledgeable and experienced consultant, the chance of your project being successful is dramatically increased. They will have seen the common issues and setbacks that occur on an ERP project and will know how to mitigate risk. They will know how to inspire and lead teams to make sure your project happens at pace.


2. Resource Management

Keeping control of costs during an ERP project is a difficult task. Overruns are common for monetary spend as well as timelines and employee usage. By working with an ERP consultancy, you can make sure there is a project manager in place who is dedicated to monitoring these types of problems.


Having that dedicated resource helps to free up other team members to focus on the delivery of the ERP project. And having a watchful eye on resource usage will let you know ahead of time if you are coming close to being overbudget.


3. Team Building & Buy-in

A key factor in the success of any ERP project is building a strong team and getting buy-in from everyone involved. This can be a difficult thing to achieve as people can have a fear of change, worrying that they may be replaced, or their skills will no longer be valuable.


An ERP consultancy adds value by working to combat these fears from the get-go. They know the importance of a strong team bond and work to build trust and rapport across an organisation. The benefit here is a project team aligned on delivering the same goal and wider understanding and acceptance of the changes within the business.


There is even value once the project is completed as the work done on getting buy-in will make it more likely people use the new system and ways of working. This means better ROI on the project overall as too often projects result in no meaningful change and crippled efficiency as people rely on workarounds.


Conclusion to How an ERP Consultancy Adds Value

An ERP consultancy adds value through its knowledge and experience, resource management, and team building and buy-in. All these things are key to the delivery of a successful ERP project and working with an ERP consultancy can boost your chances of success.


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