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Lee Ann Healy
16th March 2017

The Scottish Food Trade AssociationI’m delighted to have been invited to join the executive committee of the Scottish Food Trade Association.  With it’s long, proud history in the Food and Drink sector in Scotland dating back to 1889, it’s an honour to be involved.

Malcolm Wilde, the current president of the association and Scottish GM for Nagel-Langdons, has exciting plans for the next couple of years to grow and develop the association and I’m equally excited about being able to help make that happen.

Having just opened our new office in Glasgow 6 months ago, I’ve been keen to get actively involved in the business community in Scotland.  As we grow our presence in Scotland, I’m passionate about bringing what we do to Scottish companies to help them thrive and prosper.

Given our strong track record in the manufacturing and distribution sectors, including Food and Drink, we are perfectly aligned with the SFTA and look forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship with the other members.  We have grown Optimum PPS through developing long lasting, strong relationships and that ethos is at the heart of the SFTA too.

A few of us are getting our heads together on Monday to look at ideas and options for introducing further events this year.  Ideas welcome!

To find out more about the association, check out the website:

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