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Ryan Feely
12th February 2021

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When it comes to hiring an ERP consultancy for SMEs it can seem like an unnecessary expense. If they are already paying an ERP vendor for a new system, then why would they want to add even more cost with a consultancy?

Below we discuss the top 3 benefits that an ERP consultancy will bring to an SME to highlight why you should hire an ERP consultancy to help with your ERP project.


1. You Can Get the Cost Back

It is easy to look at the cost associated with engaging consultants and feel like you will not see it again. But the truth is working with an ERP consultancy will save you money in the long run.

Firstly, working with an ERP consultancy dramatically increases the chance of a successful project. With an estimated 75% of projects failing, ensuring your project meets its goals and objectives should be the top priority. Otherwise, you have wasted a lot of time and money for no result.

Secondly, the improvement opportunities that an ERP consultancy for SMEs can surface can lead to substantial cost savings. By looking holistically at how your company operates, they can make recommendations to improve your business processes. By improving efficiency in your business processes, you can lower costs, improve customer satisfaction, and gain an advantage over competitors who are not optimised for success.


2. Ensure You Get the Right System

By bringing on a consultancy to help deliver an ERP project in your SME, you can ensure that you get the right system for your needs. An independent ERP consultancy, like Optimum PPS, have a toolset and methodology designed to help SMEs find the right ERP for their business needs. This is important as it means you select an ERP system that is supporting how your business operates, rather than having to change your processes to fit the ERP.

Calculating the cost of selecting the wrong ERP is impossible as the lost productivity can be spread across the life of the system. That is why it is vital you have the system that is right for your business and an ERP consultancy will help you find it.


3. Project Management Experience

No matter what stage of an ERP project you are at, you will have to contend with lots of moving parts. From resourcing to budgeting, or liaising with 3rd parties, managing a project is a full-time job. Unfortunately, many SMEs then rely on someone who is juggling these responsibilities with their normal job, which is a recipe for disaster.

An ERP consultancy for SME’s will fill that project manager role, giving the time and attention required for a successful project. You also benefit from the experience of countless projects that have came before, meaning common issues and problems are much easier to handle or avoid entirely.


ERP Consultancy for SMEs

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