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Lee Ann Healy
15th February 2018

We all know digital transformation is not simply about the technology. It’s about the people who are using the technology and how it can unlock their potential.

It is an exciting time for the Food and Drink sector. Recent technological advancements make digital transformation realistic and affordable for many more food and drink companies.

The most forward-looking food and drink companies embark upon digital transformation initiatives instead of relying on more conventional ways of using technology and process optimisation to generate sustainable, long-term advantages.

Digital Transformation in the Food and Drink sector

Many food businesses already own essential building blocks for digital transformation but still companies will embark on digital transformation initiatives without the right strategic planning and commitment.

If you want to remain competitive the time to take advantage of digital transformation opportunities is now before a large number of your competitors adopt it.

Even before you begin detailed planning, we recommend several basic steps in designing digital transformation in your food production and distribution:

Create a strategy

Identify and prioritise areas of concern where you already own the data and insight to pursue measurable improvements. Bring digital transformation first to those segments of the business where desirable results are most likely.

Strategy drives digital transformation enabled by technology. Creating a solid strategy with objectives that lead to measurable goals should be the target. Don’t be tempted by the latest technology or current buzz phrases. Create objectives around the customer and create goals that support these objectives – goals that can be measured and refined along the way toward digital transformation.

Utilise current resources and technologies

Your ERP system is the best foundation for digital transformation. Review existing systems to assess how well they can support a digital transformation effort.

Evaluate the costs and operational advantages of cloud technology for your business. Transfer workloads, data, and applications whenever it makes sense. Use your insight to build the right systems of engagement where your customers, suppliers, and employees will engage. Ensure that business processes run as efficiently and free from waste as they can, and introduce any improvements that make sense.

Involve the right people

Strengthen the relationships with business partners who share your long-term vision. Your preferred partners should be the ones who support your digital transformation because it can help them become more effective, customer-centric companies.

Once the digital transformation is underway, evaluate what it requires in order to stay relevant and effective.

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