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Andrew Harley
25th February 2024

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Navigating change in charity and non-profit organisations can often feel like sailing through uncharted waters. Whether it’s optimising operations, enhancing efficiency, or implementing new systems, the journey towards progress is rife with challenges. That is why we recommend partnering with a seasoned charity organisation consultancy, like Optimum PPS, which can guide you through rough seas.


What Does Optimum PPS Do?

At its core, Optimum PPS is a consultancy specialising in business change projects. We excel in providing expertise and guidance across the full lifecycle of a change project or digital transformation. We help you to close the gap between your organisation’s current state (As-Is) and its desired future state (To-Be).

However, our role extends far beyond mere consultation. We act as a steadfast partner, offering support and guidance throughout the change journey. Whether it’s navigating through obstacles or driving momentum amidst resistance, Optimum PPS is there every step of the way. We consider ourselves an extension of your core team, working together to shape your vision into reality.


Why Work With a Charity Consultancy?

The decision to engage a consultancy like Optimum PPS stems from several critical factors:

1. Lack of or Negative Experience on Previous Business Change Projects

Many organisations fall into the trap of selecting systems based on past experiences with inadequate due diligence. This often leads to subpar implementations or systems that fail to meet business needs. By leveraging our expert knowledge and following a proven selection process, organisations can rest assured that their choices are robust and auditable.


2. Once Bitten and Twice Shy

Failed implementations breed scepticism and resistance within an organisation. Our inclusive approach ensures that every stakeholder has a voice in the change journey, fostering buy-in from the outset and minimising resistance.


3. Competing Voices and Agendas

Different business areas or team members may have conflicting ideas on the direction of change. Some may favour the status quo, and some may want to start from scratch. Organisationally it’s important to avoid the loudest voice in the room having full autonomy. By following an inclusive and analytic based approach your decisions will be based on evidence and ensures the outcomes are built on best practices and are beneficial to all parties.


4. Calm During the Storm

Change is inherently stressful. Optimum PPS acts as a beacon of stability, guiding organisations through the tumultuous waters of transformation with expertise and reassurance. Whether it’s engaging with suppliers, facilitating steering updates with senior leadership, or being the consistent voice in your weekly project calls – we will be in your corner from start to finish.


What is the Value Added?

As well as the comfort of knowing your project is in safe hands, partnering with Optimum PPS brings:

1. Strategic Focus

For any organisation the value proposition is at the heart of their day-to-day life. For charities and not-for-profits this may be the people they support or the positive change they are striving to affect. We always keep this at the forefront of our minds. For us the goal is simple, free up time through efficiencies and best practice to maximise your ability to deliver to the people or cause you support.


2. Accountability

Meeting deadlines and milestones can be daunting. We will manage your teams directly, alongside your core project team to ensure everyone is kept accountable as we work towards a successful conclusion.


3. Expert Knowledge

With a wealth of experience across different types of charity organisations, allowing us to offer unparalleled expertise to guide you through every phase of the change journey. From selecting suppliers to navigating implementation pitfalls, our team provides invaluable insights and support.


Partnering with Optimum PPS empowers charity organisations to embrace change confidently, navigate challenges effectively, and achieve transformative results. Get in touch with us today to discuss your consultancy needs.

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