People. Process. Systems.


Waverley Care is Scotland’s HIV, hepatitis C and sexual health charity, working to make a positive difference in the lives of people affected by the conditions. They were using Carista as their case management system which was coming to end of life, and they needed help to move away from it. So they got in touch with Optimum PPS on recommendation from other charities.


Waverley Care recognised that changing system also provided the opportunity to address some of the shortcomings that existed with their current system and associated ways of working.


Some of the key issues were as follows:


  • Unable to rely on system data as system not used consistently across Services
  • Lots of different workarounds and disparate spreadsheets required
  • No standardised processes and ways of working
  • Duplication and double handling of data
  • Not easy to report and have joined-up view of the organisation
  • Clunky system that was difficult to use and seen as a hinderance by the team


Ultimately, Waverley Care needed a new system that enabled teams to work together in a more efficient way and to focus on the support and care provided


Optimum PPS were engaged to help deliver the goal below:

“To implement an organisation wide Case Management system that is fit for purpose, robust, flexible, adaptable, easy to use, and that allows Waverley Care to capture, view and measure the work they do and report on it easily”

We used our business systems and project management experience to deliver a Requirements and System Selection exercise:

  • Requirements Gathering & Documentation
  • Tender Management
  • Selection Workshops
  • Selection Scoring and Analysis


We worked with teams from six different service areas to ensure that all service specific requirements were discussed and documented. Once we had robust business and system requirements, we used our knowledge of the charity sector to invite the best potential system providers to demonstrate their solutions. These solution workshops were focused on what Waverley needed, which allowed us to score each system using our proven scoring matrix to help Waverley make an informed decision on what system was right for their needs.


The team at Waverley Care were very enthusiastic and excited about the implementation of a new system – which is great for keeping momentum and was a real boon during the project.


  • Analysis of current issues & future requirements across People, Processes, & Systems; across the six Service areas
  • System requirements and scoring matrix toolset
  • Managed tender & selection process
  • Selection of best fit for purpose solution versus organisational needs and budget
  • Improved future operational model across service deliver


  • Expert independent resource to manage and guide successful selection of new system
  • Ability to capture and store real-time information centrally, efficiently and in a digitalised and standardised format
  • Improved information visibility and sharing across teams
  • Ability to capture and view info on all the different service areas in a consistent and joined up way
  • Ability to work more efficiently by being able to access information anywhere using mobile technology
  • Ability to generate efficient, accurate and layered reporting that is aligned across the organisation and can be trusted
  • Improved ease of access to information held and is easy to extract
  • Safe and secure storage of data – ensure data is kept in compliance with GDPR
  • Standard processes & procedures that can be adopted by all areas of the business
  • A system and supporting processes that help people do their jobs, rather than be a hindrance