People. Process. Systems.


Health in Mind are a Scottish charity who promote positive mental health and wellbeing through a range of services and courses. They were using Carista for a case management system, but this was coming to end of life, and they needed help to move away from it.


Reviewing system requirements also provided the opportunity to look at processes within the charity to see where improvements could be made.


All of this presented the perfect opportunity to take a step back and make changes to ensure efficiency and support decision making in the organisation.


Given our track record of helping charities get their systems working for them, we were the ideal partner for Health in Mind to work with. Our team was tasked with:


  • Completing a Blueprint exercise, taking Health in Mind from their “As Is” to understanding their “To Be” ways of working
  • Carrying out system evaluations and providing support & guidance where needed
  • Support with the implementation from a Project Management & Governance perspective


We followed our Blueprint methodology & System Evaluation toolset to bring structure and rigor to the exercise. This is vital to provide a stable base to work from and helps ensure the project remains on track with no key areas being missed.


As we went through the project, we worked closely with the Health in Mind team to standardise how they operate across different services. This included referral processes and capturing the journey of people using services. This will help Health in Mind compare and report information in a consistent way and help with data migration when it comes time to implement their new system,


Optimum PPS became a trusted partner for Health in Mind which helped the project keep momentum going and avoid disruption during the difficulties of the pandemic.


  • Increase buy-in & understanding of what is captured & the value of the system
  • Improve ease of access to information
  • Ability to generate accurate reporting that can be trusted
  • Safe and secure storage of data – only keep what is needed and ensure data collected follows GDPR
  • Allow employees self-service across various HR processes
  • Digitalise and standardize forms to reduce paperwork
  • Reduce double-handling of information & duplication of effort
  • Improve ease of access to services – single point of contact
  • Refine pathways in and out of support
  • Implement standard processes & procedures that can be adopted by all areas of the business
  • Provide easier ways of sharing information with 3rd parties ie. Via a portal


  • Confidence that the system selected will be fit for purpose
  • Outcomes stand up to board level scrutiny
  • Standardised ways of working and information capture across services
  • Easier time at implementation stage as data will be standardised
  • Momentum was strong throughout with a dedicated project manager
  • Trusted partnership allowed for open and constructive dialogue
  • Teams from different departments now work closer together
  • Better understanding of entire operation across teams

"Working with Optimum has provided us with the framework, structured processes and objective support that we have needed to help us understand both how we can take advantage of the opportunity we currently have, and work with confidence towards change"

Martin Oxley, Acting Chief Executive