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Ryan Feely
21st July 2021

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Companies who are looking to implement a new ERP system in their business will need a team that have the specialised skillset required for success. This requires a varied team from across the company to ensure that any ERP implementation goes as smoothly as possible.


Why Do You Need an ERP Implementation Team?

An ERP system interacts with many different areas within your business, meaning the implementation can be a long and difficult process. For large businesses this is even more true with multiple site or country rollouts being required when aligning everyone to one system.


To give this difficult process the highest chance of success you need to build an ERP implementation team that have the skills and commitment to drive the project. They will have ultimate responsibility for the project and will ensure best practices are being followed through out.


Key Members of an ERP Implementation Team

When building an ERP implementation team, you want to have a variety of skillsets. Getting the right people involved is critical to the success of the project, with different roles having different expertise. The team will also have different responsibilities and time commitments to the project, which is important for keeping things on track and moving.


Project Manager

Having a good project manager in your ERP implementation team can be the difference between success and failure. They are the person who manages resources, timelines, and scope while also communicating between teams and sponsors.


For this role you ideally want someone who has experience of managing ERP projects before, or at least some form of multiple month project. Communication is key in this role, so you want someone who can listen to feedback and make decisions quickly. Given the nature of ERP projects you also want someone who keeps their cool under pressure and can make objective, rational decisions when things are tough.


Executive Sponsor

An executive sponsor is someone near the top of your company who will support and drive the implementation strategy. They will be the one fighting your corner at internal meetings and will help to assess risk to the wider business. Most of their information will come from the project manager but the most involved sponsors will also engage with the wider implementation team, often being seen as the “face” of an ERP project.


The executive sponsor will have the final say on any decision within a project. This can include changes to budgets, timelines, and scope increase or decrease.


System Users

Including system users when you are building an ERP implementation team is a great way to boost your chances of a successful project. Gathering users from different departments, such as finance, HR, and IT, can help raise concerns about how the system will be set up. This will be key in maximising ROI and engaging users here also helps them feel part of the process, increasing the chance they engage with the system afterwards.


When choosing system users to join the ERP implementation team it is worth looking for those with leadership qualities as they will be championing the project to other colleagues in their department. They may also have to answer questions about the new system after go-live, so it is valuable to have someone who is also a good communicator.


Technical Expertise

Outside of the end users you will also need technical experts from each of the different business areas that are in scope. These are people who have used the current system frequently and know what they need the new system to do. They will help with the design and configuration of your ERP system so that it supports your business processes.


Having technical experts also allows you to think about user training as these people will have the most experience and understanding of how the new system works. They will be key in sharing that knowledge with wider teams and helping to train the end users.


Implementation Partner

The final part of your ERP implementation team will often be a partner agency who help to fill the skill gaps that exist. There role can often be varied with so partners focusing more on the technical work in deploying the system and others taking on a governance or advisory role.


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