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We are a UK based independent ERP consultancy that delivers successful business and systems change projects by connecting People, Processes, and Systems for improved effectiveness and efficiency.

We help you achieve business growth, value, and profitability by leveraging the full potential of business systems such as ERP, SCM, WMS, CRM, & BI.


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Everything is connected.

We get results by looking at the whole picture. We are passionate about always taking a holistic approach by connecting People, Processes and Systems to improve effectiveness and efficiency. That’s why it’s built into our name – Optimum PPS!

We are here to help.

We are completely impartial and independent of any system or vendor which means we are fully focused on ensuring you get the very best solution for your business.

We have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the ERP solutions in the marketplace and strong relationships with the leading ERP vendors. Likewise, across CRM, WMS, SCM and Business Intelligence

Whether you’re upgrading your ERP, looking to manage the switch to cloud ERP or looking at ERP for the first time, we can help

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Our clients

We have a wealth of experience particularly with clients in Manufacturing, Engineering and Distribution.